Replacement Exhaust/Mufflers

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Your vehicle's exhaust system has a critical role to play in the efficient operation of your vehicle. A fault can impede the function of your vehicle, as well as cause the emissions that can cause harm to you and your family.

Your vehicle's exhaust system functions in the following ways:

  • It removes hot poisonous gases produced by your engine, keeping these gases away from your vehicle and its occupants, and converting them into more environmentally friendly emissions.
  • It reduces engine noise to acceptable and legal levels, while improving your engine's performance and fuel economy.

Exhaust System Components

Numerous components work together to ensure the exhaust works at optimal performance. Each component has a different role to play. Below are the components of the exhaust system, as well as some reasons why they fail.

Exhaust Manifold/Extractors/Headers

The exhaust manifold is at the front of your system, bolted on to the engine. In some cases, the manifold will have been replaced by extractors or headers. Manifolds are generally made out of cast iron and are prone to cracking due to the extreme heat they have to withstand (up to 1300ºC).

Engine Pipe

The engine pipe connects the manifold to the catalytic converter. Exhaust gases will have cooled down to around 1100ºC. By the time they pass through the engine pipe. Again, the most common reason for engine pipe failure is cracking due to excessive heat. Fortunately, our Port Macquarie muffler and exhaust technicians can service this component at a very competitive rate.

Catalytic Converter

As its name implies, this component converts the harmful gases produced by an engine. Three way converters are the most common in today's vehicles.

They contain a ceramic substrate (honeycomb like biscuit) which is impregnated with three precious metals (usually Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium). As the engine's harmful gases pass through the substrate, they are converted from hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides into carbon dioxide, water, nitrogen, and oxygen. This catalytic reaction starts as operating temperatures reach 200ºC, with optimum efficiency reached at 600-800ºC.

The life expectancy of a converter is around 80,000 kilometres or 5 years.

Diesel Particulate Filter (Applies only to certain diesel vehicles)

To reduce the amount of emissions in our air, 2007 and newer vehicles have been fitted with a filter in the exhaust system to capture the soot particles from exhaust gases. They are superheated and burnt off during what is known as 'regeneration' cycle. There are two types of regeneration cycles, active and passive.

Active regeneration is instigated by changing parameters in the engine to increase the exhaust temperatures.

Passive systems rely on the heat of the normal exhaust flow to trigger regeneration and are more user friendly. As they do not need fuel additives and have no moving parts, they may only require a yearly service cleaning.

Front/Centre/Intermediate Muffler

In between the catalytic converter and the rear muffler is a front/centre/intermediate assembly.

In some systems, this component has a resonator positioned at the front, and a muffler at the rear. This is designed to reduce the noise made by the engine as it goes through the combustion cycle. We are able to ensure your vehicle complies with noise limits.

Intermediate Pipe

The intermediate pipe fixes the front assembly to the rear muffler. It can go over or under the rear axle, depending on the vehicle type.

Rear Muffler

This component is instrumental in the sound of your exhaust system. The temperature of the exhaust gas as it passes through the rear muffler is approximately 200ºC. Condensation forms in the muffler and can lead to corrosion and system failure. Corrosion is more likely to affects vehicles that travel short distances.

Tail Pipe/Exhaust Tip

The end component of the exhaust system is known as a tail pipe or exhaust tip. The tail pipe ensures exhaust gases pass away from the vehicle correctly. Exhaust tips come in many sizes and styles. Their purpose is to give your system a finished off look.

Performance Exhausts

Whatever the make and model of your vehicle, we have the performance exhaust system to make it sound and look better.

We offer a comprehensive range of bolt on performance systems for cars, utes and 4x4s. In addition to delivering a performance gain, many of our systems can also improve the fuel economy of your vehicle.

The components we offer for our performance exhausts include the following:


Extractors improve airflow from your engine, reducing back pressure and enhancing performance. Among the extractor and header brands we have in stock are Genie, Pacemaker, Hi-Tec and Hurricane.

High Flow Catalytic Converters

Catalytic Converters are an important part of your car's exhaust system. They are also a legal requirement in cars manufactured after 1986. Whether you should include a high flow catalytic converter in your system really depends on what you want to gain out of it. The age and model of your vehicle and what catalytic converter is currently in your system should also be factored into the decision. Our team will help you choose the best solution.

What's best for my vehicle?

Though it can be tempting to gain advice from forums, car magazines or fellow car enthusiasts, we strongly recommend you talk to one of our technicians to make sure you get the very best performance system for your vehicle. We are passionate about exhausts, especially performance exhausts. Our advice & estimates are free.

Give us a call or preferably call into one of our stores so we can see exactly what on your vehicle now & talk to you about the options open to you.

Power and Torque for 4x4

At Macquarie Exhaust & Mechanical, we sell cutting-edge Tunit Diesel Performance Chips. In addition to increasing power and torque, our tunit performance chips will reduce your fuel emissions, increasing the economical efficiency of your car.

The features of the Tunit Diesel Performance Chip include the following:

  • Operates safely within manufacturers parameters
  • Piggy Back - plugs in behind the vehicles ECU
  • Easy plug and play fitment
  • Latest smart technology
  • Burns diesel more efficiently
  • 5 year warranty

Improve the performance of your diesel engine and reduce lag when overtaking or from taking off from a stationary position. Talk to our team about fitting a diesel chip to custom tuning a chip to suit your vehicle.


You can rely on our team to fit tough, durable towbars for your vehicle.Depending on your haulage requirements, we can install either standard or heavy duty towbars as well as a range of accessories and weight distribution hitches.

Standard Duty

Features a bolt-on tongue and is typically used to standard towing jobs, up to 1250kgs. All our towbars comply with Australian Design Rules ADR63.

Heavy Duty

Heavy duty towbars have a towing capacity of between 1500kg to 4000kg. Also know as Hitch Receivers, heavy duty towing has a square bolt to accommodate a a removable tow ball and weight distribution hitch.


In addition to your vehicle's suspension providing a smooth, comfortable ride, its main role is ensure all four tyres remain in contact with the road, so that when needed, your brakes, steering and traction systems are instantly responsive and operate safely when you need them most.

For effective stopping, steering and on-road stability, your brakes, tyres and shock absorbers need to work together.

We supply:

  • Shock absorbers
  • Springs
  • Bushes

Don't let a faulty suspension system put your vehicle at risk. When your vehicle's suspension needs an overhaul, call Macquarie Exhausts and Mechanical.

Whether you are after a high-flow performance exhaust system or just a new tail pipe,
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Most exhaust components are manufactured from aluminised coated corrosion-resistant mild steel. Some components, especially rear mufflers, are now being made out of stainless steel, or have some stainless steel content.

Exhaust systems are attached underneath your vehicle by rubber hangers or mountings. These help reduce problems caused by vibration. It is important to have the condition of these hangers checked when your vehicle is being serviced to prevent damage to your exhaust system.

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